About Flyman

The Flyman Skis Mission

"To inspire the next golden era of water skiing by making equipment accessible and super fly"


Our Inspiration

Re-defining ski equipment and changing the game.  Nick and Jac stand behind the Flyman brand because it is their passion, their life, and their name.

Flyman Skis is a small shop located on the Chain of Lakes in Winter Haven, FL, the Capital of Waterskiing.  It is run by Nick and Jac Lyman, life long show skiers that are committed to supporting the sport that brought them together.  Flyman is driven by the progression of water skiing, specifically jumping and swivel skiing.  Flyman is involved and connected and is committed to the success of skiers everywhere.  

Nick and Jac started Flyman out of necessity.  For years, they watched rising equipment costs limit growth in the sport and turn developing skiers away from show skiing.  Flyman recognizes that show skiing is a family sport heavily reliant on the participation of kids and parents and that equipment should be accessible, affordable, AND reliable.

Enter Flyman