Terms and Conditions

By continuing with the purchase of goods, you understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated below as well as the "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service" located at the bottom of the checkout page.  Please review and understand all listed policies.  Please note that our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will supersede all policies stated on this page or anywhere else throughout this website where there may be conflicting information.   

Delivery Timeframe

All of our skis are made to order and we do not keep product in stock.  Ski production requires about 48 hours from start to finish, however your wait time may vary based on the number of orders we have in queue.  Once you place your order, we will contact you to confirm the expected time frame for delivery.  If you have any questions or concerns about the delivery time frame, you may email us at sendit@flymanskis.com 

Hold Harmless Agreement

The user hereby finally and irrevocably holds harmless Flyman Skis from all liability for damages, loss, or injury sustained by the user or affiliates of the user during use of Flyman Ski products, however arising, present and future.  It is agreed that the user will not make any claims or take any proceedings against Flyman Skis or it's vendors or affiliates.  

Water skiing is a dangerous sport.  Flyman Skis, or any of its vendors or affiliates, assumes no responsibility for any injury or accident incurred while using any Flyman Skis products or items it sells.  Use of Flyman Skis products and participation in the sport of water skiing involves inherent risk of injury or death.  To avoid the risk of injury or death, do not participate in the sport of water skiing. Falling and the injuries that may result are inherent risks in the sport of water skiing.  All injuries sustained, including any injuries that result from failure or defect of Flyman Skis products are the operator's liability and not on Flyman Skis.  Injuries sustained from the misuse of Flyman Skis products are the operator's liability and not on Flyman Skis.  Any injuries sustained during the appropriate use of Flyman Skis products are the operator's liabiility and not on Flyman Skis, regardless of whether the injury occurred from operator error or from product failure resulting from defective parts, materials, or manufacturing.  Further, user agrees to hold Flyman Skis harmless for any injury sustained by an individual other than the original intended user, or buyer, of a Flyman Skis product.  It is understood and agreed that nothing in this hold harmless agreement is to be construed as an admission of liability in connection with any matter for which this agreement is made. 

Refund Policy

All Flyman Skis products are made to order and refunds will not be accepted.  


We have a commercial account with FedEx to get you the very best rates.  Shipping costs shall be paid by buyer unless otherwise previously discussed with seller.  If so previously discussed, please contact seller for alternate arrangements.


Handmade Goods

All Flyman Skis are made by hand without the use of automated equipment or processes.   As a result, it is expected that your Flyman Skis products may contain aesthetic imperfections or blemishes.  These imperfections will not affect the overall quality of the product or the product's ability to perform it's intended use.

Warranty of Goods Sold

Flyman skis offers a 12 month warranty on all water skis commencing upon delivery date of goods subsequent to original purchase.  Warranty will be null and void if the product is damaged physically by the user, if the product is damaged in any manner other than during intended use, if the product is damaged due to an act of negligence, or if the product is repaired or modified by the user.  Warranty shall cover product failure resulting from defective parts, materials, or manufacturing if such defects are revealed and reported to the seller within the 12 month period.  Warranty shall only cover product failures or defects that affects the ability of the product to perform as intended.  Seller reserves the right to repair defective product if such a repair is possible in lieu of prior to replacement of product.  Only specific items that have been deemed defective by the seller and qualify under this warranty will be repaired or replaced, ie: in the event only one ski of a pair of skis has been deemed defective, only the defective ski will be repaired or replaced by seller.  The user is responsible for all shipping costs associated with warranty repairs or replacements.  Seller reserves the right to void product warranty if seller determines that product failure is due to any reason other than defective parts, materials, or manufacturing.  General wear and tear is not covered under product warranty.  Warranty is recorded using the unique serial number etched on each ski.  Serial number must be visible, legible, and unaltered for product to qualify for warranty claim.

Misuse of Flyman Skis Products

User agrees not to purchase Flyman Skis products with the intention of resale for profit.  User agrees not to use Flyman Skis proprietary information, including the design and construction of the skis, to reproduce, replicate, or imitate in any way.