Featherboard 12" Flamingo

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Which Featherboard is Right For Me

The most grandiose ski ever to hit the market has three new looks for 2022!  The 12" wide Flamingo only travels one direction: to Spin City.  Continuous rocker throughout the length of the ski provides control while the extra girth makes the ski sit higher in the water for on-axis spins.  No need to sacrifice stability for rotations, this behemoth offers the best of both worlds for skiers looking to advance their skills.

Featuring the same patent-pending construction method as our flagship jump skis, these swivels are durable enough to withstand the abuse of a thousand ballet lines, and light enough that your boyfriend can't whine about carrying it.  Threaded inserts for your binding mean no more rotted out holes or spun screws.  Easily remove your binding for regular maintenance and simply replace it when you're done.  


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