Dreamchaser Junior Featherboard

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Which Featherboard is Right For Me

Designed for the littlest of dream chasing swivelers, this ski is designed to grow with your blossoming skier.  At just 62" in length, the ski is manageable for small legs, but at 8.5" wide it offers stability as your young skier learns their balance point.  The Dreamchaser features the same continuous rocker as our signature swivel skis, meaning that the ski will be easy to control as your little one learns new skills.

On-trend graphics are cute but leave plenty of room for the extra Featherboard Dreamchaser inspired STICKERS that come complimentary with the ski.  Let your dream chaser express her personality with customizable sparkly stickers because, um, HELLO GLITTER.

The ski is both durable and light so you can teach your kids to carry their own dang equipment without worrying what new way they will find to destroy something. 


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